Ocean Voyages Institute Removes 40 Tons of Plastic, including 5-Ton Ghost Net

Largest Ocean Clean Up Mission/ A Turning Point For Ocean Plastics Link to the Press Release. Sausalito, CA – Ocean Voyages Institute, a nonprofit organization, announced today that it has successfully removed more than 40 tons of fishing nets and consumer plastics from the area known as the North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone, or more […]

Ocean Voyages Institute 2019 Summer Marine Debris Clean-Up Expedition

Ocean Voyages Institute’s 2019 Expedition will be REMOVING ghost nets and massive amounts of plastic from the North Pacific Gyre. Our actions provide solutions: • Capturing ghost nets/debris that we tagged with Satellite trackers before it entangle and kill marine life • Removing toxic plastics from our ocean and food chain • Restoring the health […]

Ocean Voyages Institute – Ghost Net Tagging and Retrieval

During the kick-off year of our ghost net clean-up in 2018, 18 satellite trackers were deployed by various vessels of opportunity in the Pacific.  With the help of citizen scientists and other ships of opportunity, OVI will continue to tag large, floating plastic debris in the North Pacific Gyre with our satellite tracking buoys.  Continuing […]