‘Awareness and action, this is what is needed. We live in a
time where nearly every problem has a solution. The question is
are we ready to make it a priority to protect 72% of the planet?
Because that is the size of our blue heart of the global ocean.
Ocean Voyages Institute and our collaborators around the world
believe now is the time for action.’
~ Mary T. Crowley, Executive Director, Ocean Voyages Institute

WE in the maritime industry know and understand this in a way
few others do. As mariners, many of us see the problem
first hand. We can all be dynamic parts of the solution by our
stewardship on our own yachts and supporting effective at-sea
ocean clean-up.

People are beginning to realise the magnitude of this
urgent issue and are seeking solutions. I am sure many of you
are aware of the devices being designed for ocean clean-up. I
herald all efforts for viable solutions, however, I deeply believe
that we already have the right equipment and expertise within
the professional maritime industry to accomplish efficient ocean
clean-up now with well proven equipment.


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