During the kick-off year of our ghost net clean-up in 2018, 18 satellite trackers were deployed by various vessels of opportunity in the Pacific.  With the help of citizen scientists and other ships of opportunity, OVI will continue to tag large, floating plastic debris in the North Pacific Gyre with our satellite tracking buoys.  Continuing into 2019 there will be additional trackers deployed with plans for a cleanup expedition mid-year. The goal is to continue this cycle of tagging and cleanup in following years.

Tavish Campbell attaches a GPS tracker onto ghost fishing nets in the North Pacific Gyre. The buoy will send the position of the nets as they travel around the gyre, increasing our understanding of how trash accumulates in the gyre, plus giving us the ability to locate the ghost nets to retrieve. The crew of the Greenpeace ship MY Arctic Sunrise voyaged into the North Pacific Gyre documenting plastics and other marine debris.

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