The Pacific Ocean is choking on plastic— bottles, buoys, toys, even lawn chairs. Some experts say cleanup is not only impossible but strategically misguided. Into this controversy sails Mary Crowley, a former sea captain with miracles on her mind. – Mary Crowley, in More Magazine

The July / August 2011 More Magazine issue includes an article about Mary Crowley and Project Kaisei. Read it here.


  1. July 19th, 2011

    Dear Mary Crowley,
    We are in the same boat! I am a performer and coach and my latest work is titled “TRASHEDY”. It’s about how humanity has indeed pivoted off its center into an abyss of emptiness filled with busyness. We are trying to get more of what we really don’t want and in the process killing our earth; choking Mother Ocean. You are so right, my thoughts exactly; there is no more “away”.

    I too grew up in Marin, in Mill Valley.

    I am in the process now of creating a CSO (Civil Society Organization), a non-profit for my desire to help heal ourselves and of course our Earth.
    Thank you for you article in MORE magazine, it has inspired me.

    I hope greatly in to giving EARTH A KISS as an actor/writer/singer.

    Perhaps someday our efforts will meet. OR if you wish to create together a meeting of minds, I would be honored.

    Many Many Many Thanks for your amazing efforts in cleaning up our Mother Ocean. I agree with you it is one piece at a time, like Mother Teresa, it’s person to person.

    Many thanks, many blessings

    Laura Sottile

  2. thank you for your tackling such an emmence task. i read your article in more. wish there was some way i could be of assistance. i am a 58 yr young aircraft mechanic. been at it for 32 yrs. make me an offer. been looking to get out. good luck and God Bless. yours truly bruce welch

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