• Significant benefit to society in terms of education, large scale environmental awareness, and increased knowledge of the importance of our ocean.
  • Valid information on the scope and status of the North Pacific Gyre to help focus education efforts and research to address marine debris at sea.
  • Education on environmental and health issues that result from the research conducted by Project Kaisei.
  • Awareness building about restoring the health of marine life and fisheries.
  • Possible new solutions for the debris problem: test treatment technologies and processes, possible clean-up strategies within the gyre, improved land-based recycling programs, improved legislation (land/sea).
  • Increased awareness of individual responsibility – the products which we consume and how we handle those wastes.
  • Increased participation from the private sector and civil society in expanded environmental projects and community campaigns, spurred on and inspired by Project Kaisei.

Findings from the 2009 Project Kaisei Expedition

Initial Results from the SEAPLEX and Kaisei Mission, August 2009

Awards and Recognition

Asia Pacific PR Award 2009 – Best Use of Digital

2009 VAOP Climate Award

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