Assembly bill AB 521 introduced this past February aims to clean up marine debris and shift the cost of controlling pollution to the responsibility of the manufacturers who produce it. Introduced by assemblymen Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) and Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay), the bill declares plans to identify the products that contribute most to plastic ocean trash, set goals for recycling more of them, and reduce the litter they create.

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  1. Would like to discuss with Ms. Mary Crowley about Intercepting the Tsunami Debris Slick with Clean-Up / Scooping Ocean Vessels prior to the Debris recahing the Pacific Northwest Bays & Beaches, it should be possible to use Trash-Debris Scooper Vesselsand off-load same into Cargo-Bulk-Type Vessels (Mother Vessels) for Transporting toa suitable Discharge Port for Disposal needless to say this will be a Major Operation, but a lot less of a Problem of having this Debris/Trash wash up in USA. ~ we do have a Major American Ship Operator interested in discussing this proposal.

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