OVI commends the Governments of Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador & Columbia in announcing at COP26, the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor (CMAR) Initiative.

By increasing the size of their protected territorial waters, these Central American Nations have joined together to create a fishing-free corridor covering more than 500,000 sq km (200,000 sq miles) in one of The World’s most biodiverse migratory regions for sea turtles, sharks, whales and rays.

This newly created “Mega-MPA” is a series of lines drawn on a map, but this unique corridor can only be protected if the area is adequately monitored, to keep foreign fishing fleets from exploiting the region’s rich marine biodiversity, as well as to limit illegal, under-reported and unregulated (IUU) fishing activity.

OVI is deploying a vessel to the region, our mission to protect The World’s Oceans from marine plastic pollution continues. Stay tuned for more information on OVI’s work in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor.

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